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Woodlets Wood Pellets 10kg

  • Recommended appliance: Biomass boiler systems.
  • ENplus A1 grade Wood Pellets Manufactured without additives.
  • Sourced locally in Scotland to minimise handling and breakage, meaning less dust.
  • BSL Approved: BSL0041251-0003
  • RHI Approved fuel Ash: less than 0.7%
  • Moisture: less than 10% Heat output: less than 4.8kW/h per kg.
  • Method of Bulk Delivery:

    Handballed - extra £20.00 - Off loaded by hand by our operator and stacked where you want

    Kerbside Drop - Ideal for customers with a flat hard-standing area who would like us to tailgate offload and move the pallet by pallet truck into a suitable position. Delivery by 12 tonne truck with tailgate and push/pull pallet truck

    Forklift Unload - Ideal for customers who have access to their own forklift. Pallet exchange needed

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