Solid Fuel Guide

Our family business (4th generation) has been operating since 1920. We ensure that our customers are given a great service with a choice of the best fuels for their appliance.

Solid Fuel refers to various types of solid material that are used to produce energy and provide heating, released through combustion. Solid Fuels include, anthracite, coal, long lasting ovals, coke, peat, charcoal, firewood and wood pellets.

Today, using Solid Fuel to heat your home has never been easier or more convenient.

We will give you the best advice we can regarding what fuel to burn. However, many factors impact the ease of lighting, length of burn time, heat and ash from the fuel you are burning. Some of the factors are: length of chimney, position of chimney relative to surrounding buildings and trees, appliance size and type, and lastly condition of rope seals, fire cement around pipes or doors on appliance, all can affect which fuel works best for you.

What your neighbour or friend with similar appliance is burning can be a good guide, however, ask our solid fuel team as to what they advise and don’t be afraid to try a different fuel for a couple of weeks – it just might be the one for you.

Our Range

  • Coal

    House Coal is not manufactured like many smokeless fuels, it is a natural product mined all over the world.

    It has been the coal of choice for generations due to its high heat and dancing elegant flames, making it the heart of many homes. If you purchase the correct house coal for your needs, low ash, high heat and cost-effective pricing, then it can be the ideal fuel for open fires.

    We sell Doubles and Trebles. The size does not reflect the quality of the coal, but it does determine how it burns.

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  • Long Lasting Ovals

    Not classed as Smokeless but many burn 95-98% Smokeless

    These are made from a blend of Anthracite, Coal and Coke. The various blends determine the length of burning time and the amount of heat and ash.

    As the price of Coals have increased over the past years, compared to Ovals, many customers have either changed to a 50/50 mix of coal and ovals bag by bag in the bunker or indeed ovals on their own as they don’t spark, burn hotter and can last up to 40% longer than coal, so more cost effective than coal and less fuel to handle.

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  • Smokeless Fuel

    For use in Smoke Control Areas

    A Smokeless Fuel is one that produces less than 5g of smoke per hour when burnt and can therefore be used in the Smoke Control Areas which were designated by the Clean Air Acts and remain active today.

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  • Anthracite

    Anthracite is a naturally smokeless fuel sold in a variety of sites mainly from the UK or Germany.

    Burning Anthracite on its own makes it one of the most long lasting and therefore efficient fuels however it is quite difficult to light if you aren’t used to it.

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  • Ovals

    Many Smokeless Fuel Ovals are manufactured in the UK from various blends of Anthracite and Coke. The different blends make some longer lasting, hotter or less ash than others.

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  • Kiln-dried Logs and Heat Logs

    Woodfuel is becoming more and more requested as a fuel to heat the home with the popularity of wood burning stoves and multifuel stoves.

    Pearsons of Duns are an Approved Woodsure 'Ready to Burn' Merchant. The Ready to Burn scheme, which is backed by the government, is designed to promote the burning of dry firewood.

    The Woodsure assurance means reliable wood fuel that fulfils manufacturer specifications and burns with optimum efficiency, without the risk of damage to your appliance.

    Ready to Burn firewood will ensure a clean burn with no blackening of the stove glass or build-up of soot or tar in the chimney or flue.

    This assurance certification differentiates Pearsons as a responsible, trustworthy fuel supplier!

    We sell mainly Kiln-dried Ash or Birch Hardwood (at less than 20% moisture).

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  • Hotmax Heat Logs

    Hotmax Heat Logs are made from compressed, recycled softwood dust. This clean to handle fuel, will provide a very high heat output due to its low moisture content. You will always get consistent quality with Hotmax Heat Logs.

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  • Traditional Peat

    Peat is one of the most cost-effective ways to fuel any fire. It is unique due to its comforting and pleasant aroma. Peat is easy to light and emits low amounts of carbon emissions and smoke. This fuel is not suitable for use in Smoke Control Areas.

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