Thinking of installing a wood-burning stove? What are the Advantages?

For most people, the main attraction to installing a wood-burning stove is the beauty of flickering flames and the reassuring cosy feeling of a real fire. However, there are true advantages to the wood-burning lifestyle which push all the right buttons for home owners seeking the back-to-basics, human need to feel safe and warm.

It should also be noted that things that look and feel good, sell well. Estate agents have noted that homes with a wood-burning or multi-fuel stove will be easier to sell at a later date. This does not mean that your home will be worth more. It will mean that you are more likely to achieve your asking price and sell your house more quickly.

Another popular motive for installing a wood-burning appliance is the fact that stoves are 80% efficient in heating your room (or if you have a boiler stove, your home and hot water), and much cheaper to run than gas or electricity. Although, before you rush into buying a wood-burner or multi-fuel appliance, you must consider how much money you will save. This is a good money saving solution, but not everyone will save huge amounts of money for a variety of reasons, so think things through carefully.

The human race is becoming more environmentally friendly, considering sustainable energy solutions like wood. Although burning wood will release carbon into the atmosphere, a tree will absorb enough carbon during its life time to more or less balance the carbon cycle, causing much less damage to our environment. Think of it this way, trees planted today which replace those burned as biofuel, will absorb the same amount of carbon dioxide as released by the burning process... This can be managed as an endlessly sustainable fuel source, producing (almost) zero CO2 emissions. In comparison, fossil fuels are not renewable/ sustainable, producing much damaging CO2 emissions.

Bearing in mind that wood is an economical fuel source, you have five good reasons to install a wood-burning stove. Visit our Stove Shop, we stock stoves from top manufacturers with over 35 models on display. (Open 7 Days).