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Large Dumpy - Kiln Dried Ash Hardwood Logs


A handy `builders` dumpy bag of logs.

100% Ash Hardwood. Woodsure - Ready to Burn accredited WS224/00001. Easy to light and burns with a bright flame. Kiln-dried to below 20% moisture. This means less tar build up and smoke and less risk of a chimney fire. Kiln-dried to below 20% moisture. This mean s less tar build up and smoke and less risk of a chimney fire. Will burn hotter than seasoned logs, keeping you warmer for longer. A very convenient fuel choice, as they can be used immediately on your appliance. Log length = 25cm (10"). Will fit in 95% of appliances.


Please ensure you specify the correct delivery access for your property. If you do have any other requirements, please request this in the `Delivery Note` comment box, after shipping address and we will endeavour to assist. For regular customers this will need to be done on every order.

Hiab Off Load The logs will be delivered and unloaded using a crane to your preferred position or as near as possible. This is suitable for deliveries over an obstacle such as a wall or hedge. Please note due to the sizing of this vehicle, good property access is needed. If in any doubt, please call the office to discuss.

Pallet Truck offload / Kerbside Drop We will palletise the order and deliver off our tail lift truck by pallet truck - please note you will need a Hardstanding area (tar, concrete, or paved driveway) with very little incline to be able to accept a kerbside drop.

A delivery surcharge may need to be applied if a delivery is attempted and fails due to vehicle access problems.

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Brand Pearsons of Duns
Type Kiln Dried Ash Hardwood Logs

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