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Kiln Dried Ash Hardwood Log Sacks 50 Litre


50 Litre Hessian Sealed Sacks. approx 21kg (equivalent to 2.3x Net size)

Recommended appliance: Open fires, stoves and wood burners

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Woodsure - Ready to Burn accredited WS224

Easy to light and burns with a bright flame Kiln-dried to below 20% moisture. This means less tar build up and smoke and less risk of a chimney fire Will burn hotter than seasoned logs, keeping you warmer for longer

A very convenient fuel choice, as they can be used immediately on your appliance

Log length = 25cm (10"). Will fit in 95% of appliances

Bulk Deals

Half Pallet (10 Sacks)

Full Pallet (20 Sacks)

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Brand Pearsons of Duns
Type Kiln Dried Ash Hardwood Logs
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