Pearsons of Duns Stove Glossary:

If you are currently considering buying a wood burning or multi-fuel stove, its good to attend a consultation with one of our expert sales team.  If you struggle to get to grips with stove terminology, keep reading…. we lay it all bare here.



[Images courtesy of Charnwood]

 Wood-Burning Stove

Wood-burning is generally done on a flat floored stove. The reason for this is the different burning characteristics of the fuel – wood and wood baked briquettes require air above them for combustion.

Multi-Fuel Stove

Multi-fuel burning is done on a grate.  The reason for this is the different burning characteristics of the fuel – Coal and smokeless fuel require air below as well as an escape route for the ash which inevitably builds up over time. 

The system which forces a flow of air from the vent at the top of your stove down over the glass door – this prevents tar and soot building up on the glass.

 Ash pan

The removable or fitted pan which sits below the stove to collect the ash.


A metal plate sitting above the stove. The baffle partially blocks the exit for the hot flue gases created by your fuel, helping to keep the gases inside the stove for longer to ensure that they have burnt out.  This will keep the heat in your stove for longer and heat your room more efficiently.


Found on modern stoves – a system which provides an additional air supply is directed into the stove – this incites higher burning which in turn stops flammable gases disappearing up the flue without being burnt.


The area in your stove where the burning takes place.


Firebricks are used as insulation to protect the inside of your stove from the intense  heat of the fire.


The pipe which extracts the gases away from the stove.


The bed that your solid fuel rests on while it is burning.

 Primary air supply

This is the main source of air (internal to the stove) which provides combustion.  This is located at the top of wood-burning stoves vs. multi-fuel stoves which have this at the bottom of the stove.

 Register plate

The plate used to seal the bottom of a chimney in an pen fireplace – when you install a stove, there will be a hole cut in the register plate for the flue.

 Secondary air supply

The additional air supply which improves combustion. 

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